About AfriThorn:

The idea of transforming an old retired tree or piece of wood into a unique piece of art or exclusive furniture item came alive when the founder and CEO of AfriThorn was hiking one day in the Majestic Waterberg mountains in South Africa.

This is where he saw a beautiful piece of wood that was washed away by flash floods and heavy rains. Immediately Bernard was struck with a creative and artistic idea that came to light and eventually revolutionized the drift wood into a spectacular 2.1-meter- tall standing lamp (to be seen on the home page).

AfriThorn specializes in acquiring pieces of wood rejected by nature and transforming them into beautiful artistic masterpieces.

AfriThorn is all about using the raw untouched pieces of wood found in nature and bringing them to life, for people to admire and enjoy, as it lights up and awakens the daily living space of any person walking this planet, may it be your home, office or resort.


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“Afrithorn is something more than just the idea of creating a business. It is the absolute passion and love for nature that has given me this insight and capability of creating these beautiful products by transforming raw, untouched pieces of wood found in nature and bringing them to life, for people to admire and enjoy”.

Bernard Swart